Tuesday, 10 September 2013

lizard droppings and sky

I’ve just noticed there are lizard droppings on my bedroom floor.

The view from the plane was rough fleece and cumulus. Dawn brought combinations of pink/navy, blue/ethereal white, then a submersion in golden mist as we sank through a cloud into drab, yellow-tinted Nairobi, all ragged wet shrubs, an array of tents, and a soot-stained building site where International Arrivals used to be.

No more sipping on Java House passion juice while waiting for flights. Instead, several sluggish buses. The bus which waited when I dragged my 20 kilo hand luggage down the steps was captained by a guy in military fatigues who had to be shaken awake. Apparently the roar of an arriving 747 wasn’t sufficiently alarming to rouse him.

Finally, sleepily, I made it to Kisumu, where Mum and Buddha the taxi driver picked me up and took me to our new home. I napped, rode in a tuk-tuk (not sure how to describe this – a cross between a motorbike and Mr. Bean’s car?), picked fallen frangipani and saw Lake Victoria from above, a breach in the clouds pouring orange light down onto the water in straight sweet shafts.

Then the sky turned cloudy-lemonade-yellow, the papaya tree standing out sharp and black.

Now I’m lying in bed, trying to decide if I'm imagining a faint bad smell, or if there’s another lizard taking a sneaky dump behind my bed.

There better flipping not be.

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